Monday, 16 January 2017

Errands, location scouting and lunch dates

And then there are good days. Errands, location scouting, lunch dates, and long drives.

Then there are days like today where everything fits just right, everything ran smooth and I got to feel like my old self again.

Today I felt like a dreamer and saw a glimpse of the future I wanted with you-uncomplicated, happy and filled with more love than our hearts could bear.

Today felt good, it felt natural or maybe I still have to many hair pins stuck in my hair but on days like I don't hate you and the connection I once had with you feels temporarily renewed.

For a little while on days like today I don't remember the hurt, anger and disappointment.

I felt free.
I felt happy.
I felt vulnerable.

Today love didn't feel so heavy.

Still healing, still growing

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