Sunday, 16 September 2012

MAC ChenMan Force of Love Lipstick

Hello My Readers

Ok, so I know this may be pretty old news, but to me its new! When MAC came out with their Chen Man Love & Water Collection, things got sold out really fast, and by the time I got to the Mac store Force Of Love was sold out. Luckily my sister got there before me and picked up two. (One for her use and the other for backup) Since then I have been begging and even offered to pay her for this lipstick, my obsession got even worse when I tried it on, its so damn pretty. I totally fell in love with it. Anyway yesterday she finally gave in, imagine my face when she handed it to me... new brand and perfect packaging! I know.. way to make my day :)
Anyway I'm not gonna review it, but just had to share this exciting tale of the Force Of Love.. hehe!

Until Next Time My Loves...