Monday, 9 April 2012

Mac Dollymix Blush: Swatch, Review, Photos

Hello My Lovelies
So this is the blush that inspired my blog's name! When I 1st got the idea to start a blog, I didn't know what I would call it, and after some thought and a handful of horrible names, this blush just popped into my head. Dollymix... and since a lot of people has told me I resemble a Doll. I thought of -DolliMixed.
And so my blog was born.

Mac's Dollymix Blush just happens to be one of my favourites, its got that whole pretty in pink feel and as the name suggests, this blush is what you would imagine a doll to wear. Bright Barbie pink!!

The regular price of this blush is  U$20.00 or TT$170.
It comes in Mac's standard packaging and it can be found at your local Mac counter and anywhere that distributes Mac Products.

To anyone this blush would look very bright and scary in pan, however once applied it  gives natural pretty rose flushed cheeks! Just one touch of your blush is more than enough with some cases, so when using this blush you need to be very careful of falling victim to the dreaded clown cheeks. 
To avoid this make sure to start off with very little, and build as you go along to get look you want to achieve. I know this looks like a hot pink blush, but with a light hand it applies sheerly and still very evenly and blend-able, and can be build up to take on any skin-tone.
{Remember its always easier to add blush as you go rather than to take it away}

 If you are on a lookout for a nice pink blush from MAC then get Dollymix.
I'm sure you wont be disappointed! 

Will I Repurchase: Yes, Indeed I Will.
Do you have or do want to purchase? 
Make sure to comment below :)(: